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Tersac is an alternative education school of excellence.

General presentation

Tersac School is an off-contract independent private secondary school founded in 1964 on the site of Meilhan-sur-Garonne, one hour from Merignac International Airport. Located in the South West of France between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the school enjoys a privileged setting in the countryside away from urban stress. As one of the few French institutions to offer permanent boarding from Year 7 to year 13, Tersac School positions itself as an institution of excellence with alternative teaching with 100% A-Level result. With quality supervision and reduced staff, the students – from all backgrounds and of over 60 nationalities – learn rigor and values. The traditional and quality school, being a leader in innovative pedagogy, the desired balance between serious studies and many activities (sports, cultural activities, club and corporate scholarship, coaching …) make Tersac’s students versatile and fulfilled.

Permanent boarding

A student care based on a family approach

3 kinds of accommodation

> Resident boarding
> Family boarding
> High standing homestay accommodation

Des cours de vacances

Cours le matin, activités l'après-midi, révisions en soirée

50 ans d'expérience !

Des cours et stages de vacances durant les vacances scolaires : un temps privilégié pour se remettre à niveau !

Une école internationale

Plusieurs cursus internationaux avec ou sans immersion

L'ouverture à l'international

Un cursus international complet tous niveaux, une section FLE, des certifications de langues et un post-bac attractif !

Motto: “Age Quod Agis” – “Do well what you’re doing!”

Tersac School’s main orientations:

  • Permanent boarding
  • Holiday Courses
  • French as a a Foreign Language (FFL) and Boarding School
  • Reinforced Sport Curriculum
  • International relations
  • “A la carte” option choice
  • Personalised pedagogy

Sport dimension

An open timetable allows students to practice sports at high level. The school supports several French champions (Rugby, Golf, martial arts, horse riding) and offers many sports that students practice every afternoon. In addition, the Race and the game of Soule are two key events of the year. Constitutive of the identity of the school, they allow students, teachers and the Directorss to meet during the competition.


“I’m grateful to Tersac for giving me the bases
to reach the best of myself.”
Charlène S., TERSAC, promotions 2003-2007
“Seven years later, but memories are intact…The best year of my life: quietness, culture, simplicity, respect…This year was for me the first step towards my adult life. Thanks for everything”
Elodie Avayou, TERSAC, promotion 2007
“It is with great pleasure that I return to this mythical boarding school! I only have good memories despite the long hours of serious work! I believe that it is thanks to Tersac that I obtained my high school diploma!”
Pierre Antoine Borie, Tersac, promotion 2006