Tersac’ School ensure the complete teaching program of middle and high-school education, from the sixth to the final year.

We take students to the Baccalaureate.

We follow the Official French Academic Program in accordance with French Education Authorities. 

However, as an independent institution, we have the opportunity to provide new educational contents that have built Tersac School’s specificity over time:

  • Methodology

  • News General Culture

  • Ethic and “Savoir-vivre”

Futhermore, implementing  Anglo-Saxon rhythm, our School offer a wide range of sport, cultural or technological activities every afternoon.

We give a significant importance in International opening, therefore we prepare all of our students to master perfectly foreign languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin are continuously available and other languages are made accessible on demand.

Tersac’s classes :

  • 6ème to 3ème
  • 6th Grade to 9th Grade
  • Year 7 to Year 10
  • “Seconde de détermination”
  • 10th Grade/Year 11

Following the reform of the baccalaureate, Tersac’ School proposes :

  • Economics & Finance: Economics and Social Sciences – Mathematics – Chemical Physics
  • Economics & International: Economics and Social Sciences – Mathematics – Languages, Literature and Foreign Cultures
  • Science: Mathematics – Biology – Chemical Physics
  • Arts & Literature: Arts – Languages, Literature and Foreign Cultures – Mathematics
  • Science & Design: Chemical Physics – Arts – Mathematics
  • Health: Biology – Mathematics – Languages, Literature and Foreign Cultures

Integration into the IB program (International Baccalaureate) possible.

  • Terminale with a serie to choose
  • 12 th Grade
  • Year 13

General Series:

  • Literary Serie
  • Sciences Serie
  • Economics Serie

Technology Series:

  • STMG Serie (Business, management and marketing)


From grade 6, three modern languages are available: English, Spanish and Chinese are taught at “collège”.

Italian, Russian, German can be studied at school, as well as Latin and Greek.

At Tersac, it is possible to pass many language certifications and to take an International Curriculum to become perfectly bilingual. 


Tersac’ School have built his reputation especially on the success of students.

Thanks to an unparalleled support, we guarantee a fulfilling schooling in a prestigious boarding school.

The accompaniment of our students includes :

  • studies supervised by tutors;

  • coaching sessions;

  • setting up of preceptorship (optional) for students who need it;

  • unlimited access to the multimedia library;

  • active help with orientation and post-bac objectives;

  • Cambridge and TOEFL tests preparation. 

prestigious boarding school

Moreover, Tersac has on average a supervisor for 6 students (and never more than 15 students per class). It is therefore certain that your children are well accompanied.

Finally, to allow you a fine assessment of the schooling of your children, 10 annual reports are provided, in addition to end-of-term reports and parent-teacher meetings. 


The timetable of Tersac is inspired by the timetables of Anglo-Saxon countries.

  • 8.00 AM – 3.00 PM > COURSES
  • 3.00 PM – 6.00 PM > ACTIVITIES 
(Sports – Arts – Culture)
  • 6.00 PM – 7.00 PM > STUDY
  • 8.00 PM – 9.00 PM > EVENING STUDY (according to the need) – A FILM TO CHOOSE ON FRIDAY
  • SATURDAY MORNING : study hour or supervised homework
  • SATURDAY AFTERNOON : Free neighborhood in town under surveillance, museum or fun activities
  • SATURDAY EVENING: choice >theater, cinema, or retransmitted match
  • SUNDAY MORNING: sleep late and study in room
  • SUNDAY AFTERNOON: studies, sports

On weekends, students have unlimited access to the media library and sports facilities (sport educators are present). When competitions take place on weekends, our bus accompanies them.


  • Supervised homework and weekly tests
  • End-of-term practice exams
  • Review Weekend (Baccalaureate)
  • Revision Week (French Brevet)

A balance between working time and activities:

Tersac’ School, initiator of the methodology in France, apply an allocation of working times and optimal activities during the day: morning classes / afternoon activities / evening studies.

> Classes 50%
> Activities 30%
> Studies 20%