Testimony from a former Russian student

Alumni feedback:

Jean David Marty
Jean David MartyTersac Promotion 1997 - 1998
“Work, commitment and ethics. This is how to succeed in the beginning of our lives…7 years later, I still work hard and have the same values. How many memories! Thank you all”

Extracts from the golden book

Pierre Elie Fort
Pierre Elie FortTersac Promotion 1999 - 2000
“When I think back about my Tersac years, so many memories are jostling through my mind. But  If I could sum up this beautiful period of my life, I would say that I realized there that working hard is not incomptatible with achieving personnal growth. Ang I keep very special memories of Tersac major events like “La Soule”, “the Honour Boards” or sports events.”
Hannah Isbell
Hannah IsbellTERSAC PROMOTION 2006 - 2007
“Tersac, the most significant period of my life.
Arriving at the age of sixteen in France, I had a goal: to improve my knowledge of French. A year later, I left with a knowledge superior than I had expected. Not only did I acquire linguistic mastery in the FFL language classes, but I’m attached to my neighboring country, its culture, values and moral convictions. These keys served me for my law studies.”
Mickaël Barry
Mickaël BarryTERSAC Stagiaire 2011 - 2013
“It is the director of my school in Canada – Shawnigan Vancouver – who advised me to come to Tersac; 6 years ago, he sent his son to Tersac, who shared the same motivations as me today, that is, learn French and discover another culture!” I am here as a sports education trainee, my passions are cycling, rugby, swimming, running. Tersac timetable allows me to practice all these disciplines every day if I want to, it’s a good opportunity. Tersac is like Shawnigan, but is smaller and more like a family, I am very happy to stay here, my expectations have been fullfiled!”
Marytie Barres
Marytie BarresTERSAC PROMOTION 1992 - 1999
“I have fond memories of Tersac both for education and for the friendships I built this school. Tersac brought me a lot, helped me to empower myself, to share and thus to emancipate me.”
Dr. Didier Feltesse.Parent
“All my gratitude to the college of Tersac, the first institution which believed in my son Pierre François Feltesse who is now at the top of third year law at the faculty of Assas.”
Xavier JoinauAlumni
“Writing in Tersac’s golden book is a privilege and a honor; knowing that this school is the source of all of my good memories. A pleasant but a strict boarding school with caring supervisors and management who take wonderful care of their students. Thank you for everything and especially for my high school education!”
Pierre Antoine BorieTERSAC PROMOTION 2004 - 2005
“It is with great pleasure that I return to this mythical boarding school! I only have good memories despite the long hours of serious work! I believe that it is thanks to Tersac that I obtained my high school diploma!”
Gregory SaramiteAlumni
“How many unforgettable moments engraved forever into our lives. Tersac, more than a school, it is a true lesson of life. Thank you so much!”

The Club des Tersacais: Alumni’s club!

Depuis 1964, l’école de Tersac a formé et accompagné plus de 8 000 élèves issus des quatre coins du monde. Ils constituent aujourd’hui La grande famille des Tersacais.

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Created by graduates for graduates, The Tersac Club’s mission is to:

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