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“Raising someone is above all to make them grow in their own eyes.”

Enthusiasm, realism, security and the future of our students are part of our responsibility. This is what we have been fully doing at Tersac for 50 years.

All the classes have a small number of pupils and a privileged environment for studying.

We wish to transmit our motivation and to encourage dynamism:

«Begin to learn, learn to begin.»

On this website you will find many examples of leadership and creativity that we seek to convey to our students (communication, sports, art, culture, etc).

Apart from the qualifications and programs, you will also notice of our will to encourage our students to think about the essential values of life:

«Savoir, Savoir-être, Savoir-faire»*

*“Knowing, Knowing how to be, Knowing how to do”

Together with the teachers and the administrative staff, we will develop the means to give them the self-confidence necessary for their future.

School Management
Olivier GAUTIER  & Dominique GORIOUX