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Tersac is an alternative education school of excellence.


Motto : “Age Quod Agis” – “What you’re doing, do it right !”

General presentation

Tersac School is an off-contract independent private secondary school founded in 1964 on the site of Meilhan-sur-Garonne, one hour from Merignac International Airport. Located in the South West of France between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the school enjoys a privileged setting in the countryside away from urban stress. As one of the few French institutions to offer permanent boarding from Year 7 to year 13, Tersac School positions itself as an institution of excellence with alternative teaching with 100% A-Level result. With quality supervision and reduced staff, the students – from all backgrounds and of over 60 nationalities – learn rigor and values. The traditional and quality school, being a leader in innovative pedagogy, the desired balance between serious studies and many activities (sports, cultural activities, club and corporate scholarship, coaching …) make Tersac’s students versatile and fulfilled.