THE SCHOOL CHARTER & ETHICS 2017-01-23T14:16:43+00:00

The chart of the school:

The School Charter perfectly sums up our state of mind and ambition:

  • Respecting the ethics of the school to affirm and develop a real community spirit.
  • Developing human and intellectual qualities.
  • Stimulating individual and collective efforts, as well as performance.
  • Ensuring effective teaching.
  • Giving the students personalised and individual support.
  • Applying the necessary discipline and strict efforts.
  • Taking action and giving a sense of responsibility.

Ethics and Code of honor:

Every Tersacais is committed to:

  • Respecting one another
  • Respecting the environment and other people’s property
  • Respecting the difference of religion and culture
  • Having a positive behaviour
  • Having a responsable attitude
  • Having a sense of sharing
  • Seeking for a well balance behaviour
  • Always looking to get better