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 The Schools of Tersac are present in 5 regions of France :
Aquitaine, Champagne, Loire, Normandy and Provence.


Tersac in Aquitaine

1 hour from Bordeaux

Specialization : rugby, rowing, canoeing

Nautic base

Tersac Excellencia in Champagne

1 hour from Paris

Specialization: 7th Art and Theater

Cinema, theater

Tersac in Loire

1 hour from Paris

Specialization : horse riding

Stables 50 box – Armory – Spring Garden – Club house

Tersac in Normandie

1h30 from Paris

Specialization: digital and high tech

Piloting drones, Fablab, multimedia rooms, 3D.

Tersac in Provence

2h30 from Paris

Specialization: Mountain sports & climbing

A center of physiotherapy, a gymnasium, an heliport…

The equipment present on all our sites