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Academic courses and specific courses.
Ethics, visual memorization, « savoir-vivre », general knowledge of current affairs, methodology…


Methodology: Year 7/ Year 11

“Learning to learn”.

Pioneers in this field since 1990, we provide new techniques to improve the academic performance of our students: the organization, visual and auditory memory

General Knowledge and News course: all levels.

For all students daily tracking of the news in French and English to understand the world daily. (LCI, BFM, CNN, BBC, Euronews …)

Others specific courses included:

Explanation of a rule, a concept, an exercise in French and mathematics with or volunteers students designated.Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 30 min. sequences.
Tutoring is directed and supervised in the evening from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Reciprocal duties, manners, table, politeness glossary.
Respect, virtue, morality, good and evil, the family …
To develop memory and improve concentration: watching a film over French history or a television program weekly. Each film is followed by a test.
Common words, calligraphy. Extra classes in Year 11. An extra hour per week is provided in the specific courses of these sections.
Business courses to prepare our students for their professional activity in the future.