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Payment & Commitment

When registering, payment is due for an amount of 1 330 euros covering registration fees (330 euros) and student’s expenses provision (1 000 euros).

In case of immediate payment before June 10th : 5% off granted (based on normal fees, without options).

For a payment in two installments : 1st deadline, September 15th / 2nd deadline; February 15.

In case of registration of two children : 10% off granted (based on normal fees, without options).

Any installment is due the latter on the day of the concerned period. Possibility to proceed to payment either by bank transfers (join IBAN) or credit card. This amount includes teaching provided by the School during schooling periods, as well as catering and hosting from Monday to Friday for the boarders. Concerning any other expenses (week end, laundry, etc), those are subject to one separate bill.


The student shall be autonomous with his personal expenses (pocket money, train tickets, doctor, pharmacy, etc) and (or) insured by his parents. In any case the School will not pay upfront those fees, excepted if preliminary agreement exists as set up by 1 000 euros payment fee.


School of Tersac warrants services and options at the price mentioned and selected such as in the present contract. Also, it ensures respect of the School charter.


– The student ensures behaving according the rules of the school. He shall respect the Ethical and Honour Code.
– The student shall follow the class programme, scholar rhythm and educational calendar. With respect to the scholarship and in compliance with his educational goals, the School of Tersac requires a regular workload and attendance. In case of insufficient results, the student will comply with the decisions taken by the School. Non respect of the aforementioned provisions is subject to motivate a disciplinary measure that might consist in the final expulsion.


From the signature of the present contract, insofaras the student has not started his schooling yet, the Party representing the student has a 10 working days delay if he wishes to withdraw. Notice shall be given to School by registered letters and recorded delivery. In the present case, tuition fees and options fees are not due exception made for registration fees (330 euros) which remain due.


From the date of signature of the present contract and due to the non-reducible expenses that the School has engaged, expenses that are directly linked with the Student’s registration (administrative management, hiring executive staff, booking dormitory rooms, contracts with partners, etc), the following is binding between the Parties:

• Withdrawal by the Student or his representant for a legitimate cause or case of force majeure:
– Death of the student
– Disease or serious injury
It means any health alteration or body injury witnessed by a doctor who justifies the student’s incapability to attend classes during a minimum period of 4 following weeks.
Any psychiatric, mental disease or depressive state witnessed by a doctor who justifies incapability to attend classes during a minimum period of 4 following weeks.
– Cases of force majeure
When such an event occurs or knowledge of occurrence of such event, the Party representing the Student shall inform the School administrative services by written without delay and communicate any supporting document that proves his incapability to pursue the execution of the contract.
It is agreed that if School disagrees, the latter might designate a legal expert along with a summary judgment in order to control the reality of the incapability.
– Withdrawal for Student or his representant’s personal reasons others than those aforementioned.

• Withdrawal for Student’s or his representant’s personal reasons: Total amount of tuition fees with options shall be paid.

• Student’s expulsion for disciplinary reason in the case of:
– Breach of obligations set out in the present contract,
– Student’s behavior is a cause of School dysfunctioning,
– Voluntary non-attendance for personal convenience that is repeated and not justified,
– Tobacco consumption outside the agreed framework as set out in the Internal Rules,
– Possession, selling or consumption of drug/narcotic.

• Student’s expulsion for non-payment of the tuition fees at due date:
In the case of non-payment by the party to the contract of the tuition fees at due date as set out in the present contract, expulsion takes place after one reminder letter has been sent and stayed unanswered followed by a sending of letter of formal notice. In that case, the amount due is based on the tuition fee in course at the date of breach of contract
In this case, tuition fees are due until the date of occurrence of the aforementioned events.


French laws are applicable to the present contract


In case of dispute concerning the conclusion, execution, interpretation or breach of the present contract, the Parties agree to make all efforts during a two-months (2) period to resolve amicably the dispute. In the case the dispute survives this period; French tribunals are competent to deal with the dispute.


Any natural person who undertakes to act as surety for a professional creditor through a private agreement shall, if his undertaking is not to be declared null and void, affix the following words above his signature in his own handwriting, and these words only: «By standing surety for X …, for a maximum sum of … in respect of payment of the principal, interest and, should this prove necessary, any arrears interest or penalties, for a term of…, I hereby undertake to pay the sum due to the lender from my own income and property should X… fail to pay it himself». (article L 341-2 Consumer Code).
When the professional creditor requests a joint and several guarantee, the natural person standing surety shall, if his undertaking is not to be declared null and void, affix the following words above his signature in his own handwriting: «By waiving the benefit of discussion defined in Article 2021 of the Civil Code and committing myself jointly and severally with X…, I hereby undertake to pay the creditor without any right to demand that he prosecute X… beforehand» (article L 341-3, Consumer Code)