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Six sections to choose from

Renowned for their regular educational innovations, our Boarding Schools set up a system of Sections.

Each child invests a field of disciplines and develops their skills in optimal conditions, regardless of their grade level or class.

These different sections are available in each boarding school.

– Latin, Greek, philosophy, poetry, theater –

The student develops a unique classical culture.

Students can take the OIB and choose 2 subjects in English among history-geography, mathematics, physics or biology, a third and a fourth language, economic culture and company culture.

The student opens up to the world.

– Programming, website creation, video editing, 3D –

The student discovers then deepens transversal digital and high-tech techniques.

– Student’s personal sport and cross-fit program –

The student interested in sports develops an excellent physical condition.

– Design and applied arts –

The student develops creativity, technique and artistic skills.

Learning French as a foreign language for international students.

The student develops the ability to express himself perfectly in French.