Physical activities

Physical and sport activities can be intensified by choosing the “Sport” section.

For students practicing a sport with good, even high-level, we will set up together the best possible follow-up for the continuation of its activity in optimal conditions of training and competition.


  • Individual sports

Sports Athletics, Gymnastics, Dance, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Cross-fit, Golf, Horse Riding, Rock Climbing
Mountain sports (depending on the sites)

  • Opposition Sports

Combat sports (judo, karate, krav-maga, boxing …)
Racquet sports (tennis, table tennis, badminton)

  • Team sports

Indoor sports (basketball, handball, volleyball …)
Outdoor sports (rugby, football, baseball …)

  • Nautical sports

Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing

  • Outstanding sports

Motocross, Aviation


  • Gymnasium

  • Dojo (combat sports and krav maga) and boxing ring

  • Dance hall (modern and hip-hop)

  • Fitness room

  • Work out room

  • Cross-fit cube

  • Collective and individual sports fields

  • Nautic base

Cultural activities

In our boarding Schools, afternoons are also devoted to cultural activities. They are available to all, and can be intensified by choosing the “Arts and Design” Section. 


  • Music : instrument of your choice
  • Singing
  • Plastic arts
  • Theater
  • Cinema

Cultural outings are offered throughout the year: theater, exhibitions, school trips etc.

Access to the library is unlimited on weekends.


  • Music room

  • Projection room

  • Plastic arts room

  • Multimedia room

  • Library

Technological activities

Tersac Boarding School also wants to initiate its students into sciences and technologies through its afternoon activities. Those activities are available to all, and can be intensified by choosing the “Innovation and IT” Section.


  • Multimedia and 3D design
  • Fab-lab

Production workshops with 3D printers

  • Programming
  • Video editing
  • Drone piloting


  • Multimedia room

  • IT room

  • High tech room

  • Fab-lab