School’s Chart

The  chart of our Institution sums up our state of mind and our ambition:

  • Respect the ethics of the school which must allow to assert and develop a true morale.
  • Develop human and intellectual qualities.
  • Stimulate the taste of individual, collective and performance effort.
  • Ensure a successful teaching.
  • Accompany students, with personalized and individual follow-up.
  • Apply a relevant discipline and rigorous efforts.
  • Act and give a sense of responsibility.

*What you’re doing, do it right !

Ethic and Code of Honnor

All Tersacais is committed to:

  • Respect the other
  • Respect environment and the other’s kind
  • Respect the difference of religion and culture
  • Have a positive behavior
  • Have a responsible attitude
  • Have a sense of sharing and solidarity
  • Look for the desire for balance and harmony
  • Surpass oneself

Spiritualities and religions in Tersac

Tersac is secular and do not offer any religious education.

Humanist and Republican above all, we attach great importance to the understanding of the other and we strive to respect all beliefs, faiths and religions. Thus, everyone will have the opportunity to live his spirituality as he sees fit, insofar as it does not contravene the rules of community life or discretion.

Everyone can gather at any time of the day in a special ecumenical building.