Tersac is keen to bring students all the necessary for their physical and moral well-being.


We are particularly vigilant when it comes to food. A nutritionist now takes care of the meals offered to the children, both from the point of view of the intakes as the quality of the products and the taste. We favor short circuits and tend towards 100% organic.


The nurse’s office is open 7 days a week. If the student’s ills are minor, and unless there is a medical contraindication, we will have to administer a simple treatment.

If the health condition of a student requires a medical consultation, a doctor is attached to the school. Our teams will make an appointment at the office and accompany the student. In case of emergency, the teaching team will call an ambulance and / or take the student to the hospital. In this case, the student will always be accompanied by an adult and his family immediately notified.

Psychological support

For those who need it, we select five psychologists available and able to come to school in a suitable place to meet individually with the students.